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Brett Hughes Vs. The NBA

Brandon Jennings is lighting up the NBA
Brandon Jennings is lighting up the NBA

Each week in the “Brett Hughes Vs.”series MLL All-Star Brett Hughes tackles a new topic that deserves some noise in the lax world. This week: Brett’s been traveling overseas and has some thoughts on pro basketball.

What’s up guys! Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile, I took my first trip to Europe and was hitting up Germany, France, Ireland, Amsterdam, and London. It was unreal!

Got me thinking about some NBA stuff actually because of the new trend of kids traveling abroad to play instead of going to college, and after visiting I am not sure I wouldn’t do the same!

Honestly these boys are not going overseas to take in culture, but for the money… which I’m not sure I agree with, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Seems like Brandon Jennings is doing just fine after a year in Italy!

So I have to start with my man Greg Oden. I must say I am just disappointed. I not only thought he was going to be great, I wanted him to help Portland get back to the days of Trailblazers vs. Bulls Sega Genesis games with Clyde The Glide and all that. He seems like a great kid (former Buckeye too) and you just hate to see a guy not catch a break. Remember how nasty he was in the OSU vs. Florida game in college? And he was only at 80%!

My sympathy goes out to Oden and all of Portland.

I also saw Mark Steins rankings on ESPN, and I don’t totally agree. Lake-show is in the number 1 spot, but I want the Celtics at 2 and Magic at 3. The Magic took down Boston, but those boys can play in Beantown. Cavaliers and LeBron sitting at number 4 is fine… although I personally wish they were at the top! How about the Atlanta Hawks at #5? Just a few seasons ago they were one of the worst teams in the NBA. Give it up for management!

So who would you pick as the best? LeBron, KG, Kobe, Dwight Howard, or MELO? I know a ton of Melo fans are out there. Honestly, I always liked his game but just didn’t want to put him up in the top tier. But he is killing it this year! He’s hit the 30pt marker 12 times in 20 games…. That’s serious.

I’d still taking LeBron or Kobe though… Kobe is clutch, and LeBron is the hardest person in the NBA to guard. These guys make me think that the NBA is home to the best athletes in the world. Honestly would LeBron not be the best wide reciver in the NFL if he wanted to play?

Could D-Wade not be a crazy scat back? With the NFL becoming so pass happy these guys could do anything. It’s pretty amazing to watch the athletes that take the hardwood every night.

Lastly, has anyone watched Ty Lawson this year? I love him and Melo on the court together. I think the rookie class has been amazing to watch. Brandon Jennings, Tyreke Evans, Ty Lawson, and I love James Harden from ASU by the way. The guards in the rookie class are just something to watch.

My thought to leave you with: What guy would you want on your lacrosse team? I am going with Kobe, D-Wade, or T Lawson. Those guys just seem like they would catch on to the game quickly and go crazy with it.

________________________________________________________________________________ESPN_RISEAbout the author: MLL All-Star Brett Hughes is a former UVA All-American who currently plays longpole for the Denver Outlaws.  Hughes also runs the lacrosse division of ESPN RISE and represents Team STX. He is also Co-Founder/Director of Lacrosse The Nations, a non-profit organization using the universal language of sport to bring hope and joy into the heart of impoverished communities.

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