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Brett Queener: How To Score Off a Fake Shot

Brett Queener and the fine fellas over at Easton Lacrosse have joined up with us for the Grow The Game Tour and these guys are all bringing something special to the table. As we start to roll out more videos from the Grow The Game clinic with Denver City Lax, we’re kicking it off with Brett laying down the basics of Scoring Off of a Fake Shot.

Think that doesn’t make sense? Watch Brett make it make sense!

Queener has ridiculous stick skills, and this is on display every time he clears the ball in the MLL where he plays goalie, or in the NLL, where he has played as a transition player. But when BQ has a stick in his hands and he’s just having fun? There is no match. The man has moves and panache!


Look for more insane videos from the Grow The Game Tour in the coming days and weeks!