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Brian Potter: Isar Box Lacrosse Tournament Review

Editor’s Note: Welcome Brian Potter back to LAS! Brian is living in Europe and is heavily involved in the lacrosse scene there. He plays with and organizes the Deutschland Adler Lacrosse Club, has trained the German Military University’s players, and he worked with the Spanish National Team hopefuls. What a life of Growing the Game!


This past weekend I headed down to an Indoor lacrosse tournament near Munich called Isar Box 2013. This tournament has been going on for a few years now and is organized by the Bundeswehr lacrosse program (the German Military University). The drive down from Cologne was a lot longer than expected, and I think It took us more than an hour to leave the city and the drive ended up taking nearly 8 hours in total. We did however decide to have snowball fight on the side of the highway every hour or so. This may have slowed us down a bit…

Deutschland Adler LC at Isar.
Deutschland Adler LC at Isar.

Once we arrived, we had to show our passports and then were allowed entry past the guards. The players were all given free accommodation in the gym, where the lacrosse games would take place the next day. This is something that I like because this way players can not sleep in and miss their games. +1 for this. In addition, all players (men/women) sleep in the same large room, which is very interesting. Reminded me of the common room in College. Another +1. 

The Cologne Indians relaxing pre-game.
The Cologne Indians relaxing pre-game.

After a long drive the first thing you want is something to drink and to eat. Normally the party at European tournaments occur on the second night and not the first night. However, as soon as we arrived there was a party in full swing, which started in the gym then spilled into the club shortly thereafter. I would even argue that the Friday night party was much better than the planned Saturday night party. Regardless, both parties were great! +2 For Evening Festivities. 

Hello, ladies.
Hello, ladies.

Though the evening festivities were very well organized. I think the ball was missed a little on the availability of food on base/campus. There was nothing and nowhere to get food at night. There was a pizzeria on base/campus but it was only open until 4:30PM???? Other than that they sold waffles, and for a short time (UNTIL THEY RAN OUT) sandwiches with cheese or ham. For next year, I will definably have to bring a cooler. 2 For Food Availability.

In terms of playing facilities, the games were played in 2 different gyms (yes you heard me, I said gyms), and this is very common for the German indoor lacrosse scene. The gyms were only a short distance away from each other, roughly a 3 minute walk. The boards were made out of tables standing up on end. This may not sound that great, but for the standards of indoor lacrosse tournaments in Germany it definitely is!

The DALC and the Bundheswher boys.
The DALC and the Bundeswher boys.

The exception is Lax in the Box which will be heading into its second year the week following the AHM Tournament.  +.5 for actually making boards as similar as they could to an Indoor Facility. Love the effort.

The games were filmed and broadcast on televisions in the area where they were selling some food and sodas. The fans watching the games in one of the gyms had to do so from a workout  studio. It was quite funny seeing people pushing weights while others were drinking beer and cheering for their teams only a feet away from each other. Additionally, there were cheerleaders performing on both days to make it interesting and different compared to other tournaments in Europe. +1 For Entertainment

Isar Cheerleaders
Isar Cheerleaders

The tournament lasted 2 days (SAT/SUN). There were 10 mens teams and 12 womens team competing. +1 More Women than Men.  Teams came from all over Europe,  including Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, and the Czech Republic (I hope I am not missing anywhere, but I probably am). +1 Diversity

The tournament winners ended up being both Munich for the Men and Women, which no one would have called ahead of time. The Men’s semi-finals were Bundeswehr vs. Deutschland Adler on one side, and on the other side, Munich vs. Vienna. Both semis ended up in upsets with Deutschland Adler winning along with Munich. +1 Competativeness! The Bundeswehr boys won the tournament last year and I would have betted that they would repeat. Then in the final, another upset, with Munich beating out Deutschland Adler and taking the Championship! CONGRATS TO MUNICH FOR TAKING BOTH SIDES!!!

Overall the event was very well organized. I don’t think the games got more than 5 minutes behind schedule all weekend. That is unheard of!! I gotta thank the Bundeswehr guys for the weekend and  I look forward to going back again next year! +2 Event Organization!

Overall Score 8.5/10