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ultimate lacrosse attackman
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Building the Ultimate Attackman

You’ve seen some version of this done in every sport, where people take the best qualities of the best players to create the ultimate competitor. Today, I’ve completed this exercise to build my ultimate lacrosse attackmen.

The only rules I played by are that the players had to be current professionals, otherwise I would’ve been at this for hours. Head to Instagram or Twitter to tell us who you would pick for each trait.

The Ultimate Lacrosse Attackman

Change of Direction – Michael Sowers

We fell in love with the shake and bake at Princeton, and we’ve already seen glimpses of it for the Waterdogs. Few people understand body movement and quick feet like Sowers.

Long Range Shooting – Mac O’Keefe

The Penn State offense was prolific with the one-two punch of O’Keefe and Grant Ament. O’Keefe proved his senior year that he could also create his own offense, but we’ll always remember him for his ability to hit the deep ball, all the more important for the modern ultimate lacrosse attackman with the two-point shot.

Shooting on the Run – Rob Pannell

Maybe not who you think of immediately when you think about on-the-run shooting, but find a more difficult shot than the question mark at full speed, a trademark Pannell move.

Shooting Stroke – Ryan Brown

Often known as the world’s greatest pure shooter, I’ll let the video explain why Brownie has the best shooting stroke.

Shooting Accuracy – Marcus Holman

I mean, you don’t win the All-Star Accuracy Challenge two years running by accident. This guy can straight up ping corners, and that’s a must for the ultimate lacrosse attackman.

Creativity – Lyle Thompson

Always in the debate for best player in the world, the top pick in the expansion draft and perennial all-star is the king of creativity. Peep the highlight below where he hits a behind-the-back split dodge into a swim move into a time and room shot.

Inside Finishing – Jeff Teat

For inside finishing, I’ll take the No. 1 overall pick in the PLL and NLL drafts. This guy can do it all, but on this ultimate lacrosse attackman list, I think he fits in perfectly for this skill set.

Vision – Grant Ament

Ament gets a lot of credit for his scoring ability, but he also has eyes in the back of his head. My ultimate lacrosse attackman needs Ament’s vision.

Clutch – Matt Rambo

Then the game is on the line, there are few guys I would trust more to get the job done than Team Thicc Summer leader Matt Rambo.