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Ultimate lacrosse midfielder
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Building the Ultimate Midfielder

You’ve seen some version of this done in every sport, where people take the best qualities of the best players to create the ultimate competitor. Last week, I came up with the players whose skills would make up the ultimate lacrosse attackman. Today, I’ve completed this exercise to build my ultimate lacrosse midfielder.

The only rules I played by are that the players had to be current professionals, otherwise I would’ve been at this for hours. Head to Instagram or Twitter to tell us who you would pick for each trait.

The Ultimate Lacrosse Midfielder

Change of Direction – Jules Heningburg

Juke lab king himself, Heningburg’s ability to change direction and initiate dodges is unmatched.

Long Range Shooting – Sergio Perkovic

Anyone in the lacrosse community with a pulse knows that Perk can hit the two bomb. I’ve been watching him hit 15-20 yarders since his high school days at Brother Rice. His size, strength, and shooting stroke result in some insane velocity, but he also knows where to place those shots, how to shoot around (or through) defenders, or even put some English on the ball to mess with goalies.

Shooting on the Run – Tom Schreiber

Let’s be honest, we could give Schreiber half of the spots on this list, and we’d have a world-class lacrosse midfielder. He has incredible vision, great change of direction, and is a hound between the boxes. But few things look as clean as Schreiber shooting on the run. He makes it look effortless.

Defense – Zach Goodrich

Goodrich deserves so much more praise than he gets. Life as a SSDM isn’t glamourous, and I think he likes it that way. Goodrich is as good as any pole on the field, if not better. It’s like having a fifth pole, and there’s no point in running big littles if he’s out there.

Size – Dhane Smith

Dhane Smith is an incredible inside finisher with great vision and awareness. What stands out to me isn’t just his physical size but his ability to use it to get to the cage, to get his hands free, or to get his teammates open, so he owns this spot on my ultimate lacrosse midfielder.

Versatility – Zach Currier

If they ever re-draft the entire league, this is my No. 1 pick, and it’s not even close. There isn’t anything Currier can’t do.

Vision – Myles Jones

Before this year, I would have most likely picked Myles Jones for physical dodging rather than vision, but it seems like he’s really taken a step up into being an elite-level passer. He draws so much attention on the dodge that there’s always a teammate open, and he’s been finding them this year. He’s the wheels that make the Redwoods offense go.

Speed – Romar Dennis

Really torn between giving Dennis on-the-run or outside shooting because no one in the world can shoot as accurately as he does headed down the alley at 15 yards. But in the end, how do you not give the league’s fastest player this spot on your ultimate lacrosse midfielder?