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Cajun’s Corner – Boxla in Louisiana!

The first ever box lacrosse season in Louisiana began last night.

"Huh?!?.. Just a box."

“Wait… Wait. Knox, did you just say box season? In Louisiana??”

Yes. I did.

Premier Soccer Center opened it’s doors to the world last week, and the lax community (small as it may be) was invited to crash the party. My Dutchfamily wasn’t going to miss this for the end of the world. 25 out of the 39 people signed up are associated with Dutchvegas in some way or another, and we rocked the house last night.

Now, before we begin, let me point out that we’re making progress in making this true box lacrosse. Goalies wore the huge chest protectors and shin guards, both provided by Bauer/Warrior. We also ordered the box goals – they just haven’t arrived yet. We’ll probably get them in this week.

Teams were really well balanced and ages are ranging from 13 to 31. I know what you’re thinking – “How is that even close to balanced?”

We found out quickly that almost all of the older guys (my team) haven’t exercised in the past 4-5 years. The halftime whistle was the best thing to happen to me in 2-3 weeks. I just collapsed on the field where I was standing, trying to keep my lunch in my stomach.

You guys want to see some videos, right?

VIDEO #1: Team 2 vs Team 4. Basically old guys vs older guys. See if you can spot me with the green gloves and the LAS sticker on the lid. I’m also reppin the Quick Stick pinnie.

VIDEO #2: Team 1 vs Team 3. Really awesome young guys vs more really awesome young guys. This game went into OT, with Team 3 coming out on top, 15-14. Saw some absolutely insane moves during this game.

In the first game, I was really impressed with the play from my newer players. Caleb Jarreau tallied 4 goals on the night, and the goalies were on fire. I was least impressed with myself. My inability to run more than 14 feet at a time hurt the team greatly… But I did have a nice jump shot goal.

In the second game, Ryan Adler (#2 in Purple) played out of his mind for Team 1. Rumor going around is that he got 9 (count em – 9) goals. I also liked what I saw from Patrick Messenger (#10 white), Dalton Bailey (#1 white), and Jarred Hatfield (#17 white). Devin Day (Navy lacrosse pinnie) looked fantastic on the faceoffs, too.

You also might notice Dane Lowe (#55 purple). Dane is a freshman who has been playing about 3-4 weeks now. Watch out for that kid in a year or two.

Good shot of the field.


In other news:


If your state shares a boarder with mine, or you live in an SEC West state, you need to register for this. You may never get the chance to hang out with the Connor Martin or the Brett Hughes again.

I’ll be spending Christmas with my family in Northwest Tennessee this week (Union City if you want to google that). I know you guys in the East Coast/Midwest are going to think I’m nuts, but I’d love to see some snow. Since I’ve lived in Louisiana (roughly 15 years now), it’s snowed 4 times, and only for about a day. Then it melts away.

Dalton Bailey ripped a hole this big in our new nets. These nets are 6mm. I repeat, these nets are 6mm.

Roughly 6"-8" diameter hole in the net.


I’m really looking forward to growing the game in 2011. I just have this feeling that this is going to be a big year for not only myself, but Louisiana Lax, and maybe even national lax. Call it a hunch. I’m really looking forward to coming back here to LAS and telling y’all about it.

If we don’t cross paths in the next couple weeks, I hope you have a very Merry, warm, and safe LaXmas. Here’s a Christmas card for you.