Cajun’s Corner – Good Times Rolling

Messy tallied 4 goals and 6 assists this weekend. You read that right.
Another awesome weekend in the Sportsman's Paradise.

After coming off of the loss to Catholic and the fiesta that is Mardi Gras, Dutchtown finally got around to having our home opener. One of my favorite things to do is to prep our home field. Griffin Stadium, which sits directly behind Dutchtown HS, is nothing short of fantastic, and I thank my lucky stars that we have permission to play our games there. Check it out:

Funny how life works out. As you already know, a couple weeks ago we were booted off of our previous practice field about 2 hours before our practice was to start (unless we wanted to shell out a couple grand to keep using it). Panic mode sets in as we scrambled to find a new field. Nobody wants to help out a lacrosse team in baseball country.

To quote Jeff Goldbloom, “Life uhh finds a way.” Things worked out, and now we have a full field to practice on. Going from a little league baseball field to a full field is hard to describe. For a coach, everything changes. Practice regimen, how you run drills, or Hell, just the fact that you can scrimmage… It’s mind blowing.

Needless to say, we were prepared for our game this weekend against the Lafayette Lions.

Messy tallied 4 goals and 6 assists this weekend. You read that right.

Pictures thanks to Barry Spears

The most remarkable thing about changing practice fields was our ability to practice clearing the ball, and said ability’s effect on the game. In previous games, we were virtually incapable of clearing. Yesterday’s transition game was special. Goalie and defense executed our clearing game plan to near perfection, which allowed our offense to maintain control of the tempo.

Brandt Latino and the defense performed well in transition

Results: Win, 16-8

Impressions: Amazing what kind of difference one week practicing on a full field can make. Prior to the switch, our team honestly looked deflated. We drive about 2 miles down the road to a full field, and our team has 100% of it’s swagger back.

In the 25 days we have left in this regular season, we are packed to the brim with lax. We play 6 games, and 1 tournament.

This week: Friendswood, out of Texas. Wednesday night. No idea what to expect from these guys. We’ll just go out and play our game. Then, Battle by the Beach Lax Tourney in Ocean Springs, MS all weekend. We’re set to square off against teams from Louisiana and Alabama in this tournament.

Speaking of Alabama….


Unprecedented Growing of the Game

Take a look at Alabama’s league last year as compared to this year.

Bama's League in 2010. 7 teams that played games

Versus 2011…

Bama in 2011. 14 teams that have played, and 3 that are scheduled to play

That, my friends, is ridiculous growth of the game!

But are they any good?

Well, Spain Park managed to beat Jesuit-New Orleans in 2OT, and Jesuit has been predicted to win it all in Louisiana this year. So yeah, they’re good.

We’re supposed to play Vestavia in the tournament this weekend. Super pumped to see what they got.

To the laxy people in Alabama: What’s your secret?


Season Length

It’s mid-March, and the Louisiana lacrosse season is almost over.

Wait. Did you say, “almost over?”

Yes. Our regular season has roughly 25 days left in it, and we are almost 2/3 the way home.

Compare that to Maryland:

While we’re at it, let’s take a look at the weather forecast.

Trust me, with no clouds and our humidity, that 79 feels more like 90.

As compared to Baltimore:

At least they're breaking 50!

Just seemed funny to me.



Thanks to Dale Shank for snapping these shots.

After a tough loss to Caddo Magnet in their season opener, Loyola College Prep (Shreveport, LA) is on a roll. What is the secret to their success? Good coaching? Superior facilities? All-Star college level talent?


Proper apparel.

Carolina blue Nike jerseys. It’s hard to criticize any of this, because they look so damn good.

I feel like Patrick Bateman. Let’s see Paul Allen’s lax jerseys.

The numbers look good. “Loyola” is not overstated. And wait, oh my God. Do I detect matching team socks?

Who are their Boosters and where can I get 10 of them?


  1. A guy by the name of Chris Cos (Hoover) in Birmingham relly pushed lax in the area about 7 years ago. With the help of Tom Lewis (Mountain Brook) and the Birmingham Men’s Club team they have really grown tremendously. They made a good effort to get involved with both college teams, Alabama and Auburn, and I know alot of players from those schools and the HS kids play with the men’s team during the summer, so alot of these kids are paing lax year round.

    • If we’re dropping names, please don’t forget my fellow Virginian and the GBYLA’s full-time league executive director, Hunter Faulconer (UVA grad and HS All-American from St. Anne’s-Belfield in Charlottesville). In ’98 and ’99, I coached the only middle-school team in the state (there was a high-school JV team as well) because their coach had a fellowship in Australia. We traveled to Nashville, Atlanta, and Chattanooga for games. Then I got married, fell out of the league, got divorced, then started coaching again two years ago when a team showed up in my neighborhood park (Birmingham Magic club; defunct Hayes High School team that was scattered to Ramsay, Woodlawn, and Carver). Last year I was at Oak Mountain Middle School with Hunter (who was helping this community start their programs), and this year I’m with Altamont’s boys varsity program (conveniently located between my neighborhood and where I work). Look for Huntsville to continue blowing up as the game spreads outside the Birmingham metro area. Chris Cos runs the Bamalax select program and word on the street has it that Andy Bonasara (coach at Birmingham Southern University) is running a SECOND select program in Birmingham. BTW, I should send a shout-out to the dudes in Prattville (outside Montgomery) and Dauphine (outside Mobile) who are growing the game!