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Cajun’s Corner – Home Sweet Home Plus Knox’s Summer Booty

There's no place like home.

Home is truly where the heart is.

Business sent me to Chicago for two weeks, and it was definitely a trip. As I’m sure you can all relate, it’s exciting to be on a long trip in a big city, but by the end of it, you’re just ready to be back in your comfort zone.

First impression: I’m way out of my league in this city. It’s big. It’s tall. It’s expensive as hell. Time to rely on locals if I’m going to survive.

A segway tour of Chicago, to familiarize myself with the city. "They see me rollin'..."

My travels led me to deep dish pizza, hot dogs, segway tours, flaming Greek food, the Cubs vs White Sox game, heroic amounts of beer consumption, museums, a bar with a batting cage, getting jumped while walking down the street, arguments about the oil spill with people who have never been to Louisiana, and the Blackhawks parade. If you’re friends with me on facebook, you undoubtedly saw all of my pictures.

Wrigley Field - 73 degrees and sunny
Look close, that's the Stanley Cup

Mid week impression: This trip is going great, but I’m missing something. Something big. Something I’ve been needing. Lax.

To my dismay, it did not lead me to lacrosse.

Coming from Louisiana, and knowing that Chicago has a professional team, I was expecting some form of a lax pulse in the city. The lack of lacrosse is giving me withdrawls. The addiction must be fed.

I can now say that New Orleans has more of a lax pulse than Chicago. Every single person I encountered and asked about lacrosse responded with “…we have a lacrosse team?” Even the people in the Nike store on the Magnificent Mile were oblivious. Sports apparel stores didn’t carry anything with “Machine” on it, and even the clerks didn’t know who they were (Looks at other clerk “Did you know we have a lacrosse team?”). Very disappointing.

This was almost as much of a punch in the face as the one I received Sunday morning, walking down the street. In the middle of downtown (corner of State and Adams if you’re so curious), I was randomly punched in the face by two thugs. I took a step back, wondering what just happened. When they didn’t ask for any money or anything, I had to ask the first thing that popped in my head:

“…Why did you do that?”

Instead of responding, they just walked off. Bizarre, I know. Long story short, the cops showed up, threw me in the back of the car to try and track the guys down. I can honestly say that riding in the back of a cop car with the sirens on in the middle of downtown Chicago is on my list of Top 10 insanely intense things I’ve ever experienced. In a way, it was worth the bruise.

Paranoia lasted about a day, and by Monday night, I was back out in Chicago. But I did feel the need to order the Tower 200 by Body by Jake – I’m convinced they picked me out because I’ve lost literally all of my muscle mass from years past. Beyond that, if you’re going to order a home workout gym thing, you might as well order the one from the guys who have always supported lacrosse (no, they’re not paying me for an endorsement).

Final Impression: Overall great trip, immersing myself in a different lifestyle and culture. One that is constantly moving, fueled by beautiful summer weather. I could lose a lot of weight in Chitown. I’d love to go back again, but bearing in mind to never walk alone, or not to expect a whole lot of laxtivities.


One of the things we, the LAS crew, are doing this summer is talking about all the booty we’d like to try out. And not just lax gear, because lacrosse is more than just equipment – it’s a lifestyle.

Here’s my $0.02:

Gear-wise, I’ve always been a loyal fan to Brine since day 1. Back in the day, I rocked the Brine Axis gloves, the Brine F15 Powergrip shaft, and the Brine Matrix. Today, I have the Brine HEADstrong King 2’s, Brine Swizzle Ti shaft, and Brine HEADstong Gospel.

In other words, it will take something very special to convince me to change.

So for now, I’d love to get my hands on King 3 anything, a Clutch 2x, and either the Magnum 60″ pole or the F22.

Clothing wise, if you haven’t gotten an LAS shirt or shorts, you’re just not cool.

South Carolina was looking nice at the College World Series, compliments of UnderArmour. Really digging the kits, and that hat.

I’d love to see a resurgence of Zubaz, but I think Audrey would call off the engagement if I bought a pair on my own.

Definitely want a pair of the Warrior Shooter shoes. Bad.

And finally, the heat index in excess of 100 degrees everyday means I could really use one of these.

About the author
Knox is a 24 year old High School Head Coach in a small area east of Baton Rouge. He played High School ball for four years, and college ball for about 1 week until he realized his collegiate priorities rested with more important things like partying and eventually trying to get his grades up. He enjoys things that most Louisiana people do – eating boiled crawfish and alligator, a cold Abita Amber, anything LSU, his dog, and his beautiful girlfriend, Audrey. Lacrosse is not listed because most Louisiana people have no idea what lacrosse is.

Questions? Want to contribute to the Lax All Stars Network? Hit us up at