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Cajun’s Corner – Tryouts

After a couple weeks of anticipation and rain delays, the Quick Stick Lacrosse tryouts were held this weekend. Dressed in some of our finest bro attire, seven of my players and myself piled into two very packed vehicles and drove to Covington for the event.

Signup Tent

Roughly 35 players were in attendance representing Jesuit New Orleans, Brother Martin, St. Paul’s, Mandeville HS, Catholic Baton Rouge, Dutchtown HS, Ocean Springs (MS) and St. Thomas More. It was really disappointing to not see anyone from the Shreveport schools there – I guess the 5 hour drive is just too much. While the level of talent represented at the tryouts this weekend was excellent, Quick Stick is definitely missing out on some deep players from the West Division.

Just bbefore the sesh begins

I had a great time for a couple reasons. It’s always fun to watch high level lacrosse, regardless of where you are, but it’s particularly fun for me when it’s in Louisiana. I love seeing how far we’ve come, especially when you consider that the every program represented in the above picture is 5 years old or younger.

I really liked seeing how far my guys have come, too. Pretty much all of the Dutchtown crew in attendance went to the Navy Camp back in June, and I could really tell it improved their game. When you watch the videos below, just keep in mind that the guys with purple helmets have been playing lacrosse no more than 8 months.

Now onto the footage I got. Overall play was sloppy at first, largely because of the rain, and players were rusty. By the time the scrimmage rolled around, players started to step their game up.

One video had to be sent to YouTube because I maxed out my upload space on Vimeo. Bummer, because I think Vimeo is far more superior. Make sure you go full screen on these videos!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Quick Stick Lax Tryout – Drills”]

The final roster can be found here.

About the author
Knox is a 24 year old High School Head Coach in a small area east of Baton Rouge. He played High School ball for four years, and college ball for about 1 week until he realized his collegiate priorities rested with more important things like partying and eventually trying to get his grades up. He enjoys things that most Louisiana people do – eating boiled crawfish and alligator, a cold Abita Amber, anything LSU, his dog, and his beautiful girlfriend, Audrey. Lacrosse is not listed because most Louisiana people have no idea what lacrosse is.

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