Halloween Lacrosse Photos And Video Bonanza!

Texas State players channels Elvis. Magic.

UPDATE: These are some of the best videos online of costumed practices and scrimmages. ‘Tis a silly day, but we shall not smite it.

Siena Heights University:

Concordia University:

We’ve seen a bunch of lacrosse-themed Halloween events already, but now that it’s officially the day in question, we want to see YOUR costumes, or what your team is doing to celebrate this ridiculous pagan holiday.

Send in Halloween costumes, lacrosse practices and video to us here!

We’ll update the post with more great submissions as they come in!

Our first submission comes from out West:

A little snow in Utah won’t stop Skyline Lacrosse from playing our costume scrimmage…

Thanks to Drew Bicker for sending in the above photo!

For now, check out the stuff we found online with a cursory glance:


Texas State players channels Elvis. Magic.

412 covers Indiana’s Halloween Scrimmage.

WNEU goes Bear Scare:

Hulk Smash, Throne Smash:

Berry College in 2011:

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