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Lax Evo Camp: Ocean City, Day 3

July 8th – Second to last day of CAMP!

Here at LaxEvo Camps we like to switch things up from day to day, and keep things interesting. So today after our normal routine of stretches we threw our laxers a little curveball: Square push-ups. We had laxers pair up into groups of 4 and make a box with with their bodies by having their legs on the others backs.  Then, once they were in a square, we counted them down and they all had to push up and hold it and I gotta say the little kids were killin’ it.

square push ups
Now you see?

Then to make things especially interesting we made two long push up chains of campers. Each kid had to rest their ankles on the person behind them, once again on the count of three they all had to push up and hold it. (You can see it in the highlight video which will be posted in the 4th and final day post) We then went about our normal warm up routine with line drills.

camper in outlaws lid
Coach Slate knows how to make a campers day.

We had a real treat for the kids today. A radar gun to start practice. We started off with the older guys and worked our way down. Everybody got two shots on cage. (Once again some good video footage in the highlight video.)

shot speed lacrosse lax camp
Fastest camper shot speed at 80mph
shot speed lacrosse lax camp
More camper rippage.
LacrosseUnlimited guy?
Matt Mackrides
Coach Slate
Your eyes can thank me later. (Finals for Buzz's group)
Your eyes can thank me later. (Finals for Buzz's group)

Next we taught the middle aged kids about playing at X and the benefits of picks at x. I had to leave that after the little lesson though because Coach Busza and myself had to hold the a face-off contest for the little guys. First we taught them a bit about facing off and gave them some time to do some drills to practice it. Then it was game on. We split the kids into two groups, I took one group and Coach Buzz took the others. It was double elimination and both of our groups battled until there was one winner from each group. Then, they both competed for the grand prize. A brand new unstrung Rize head from Maverik.

Our two competitors were Marty in the orange of the pic above and Beau, who you can see in the highlight video. I got all 3 faceoffs on video and they’re sick. Please note the players had to gain full possesion of the ball and pass it off to the counselor for it to count as a win. The atmosphere was electric as we placed a little wager with the spectators. Whoever thinks Marty will win go on his side, whoever things Beau will win go on his side…losing side owes 10 push ups. Everyone got into it before the first whistle even blew.

Everyone was chanting their players name. Marty quickly took the first one. The second face off was a little tougher. Marty quickly raked it out and it looked like he was gonna scoop it up and toss it to Buzz but as soon as he scooped it up Beau checked it out of his stick, scooped it up and tossed it to Buzz. Tie game 1-1. Next one wins it. The two were at a stallmate but then Beau raked it out and scooped it up with Marty hot on his tail. Beau passed it off and won. His fans errupted and quickly swarmed him. (Make sure you check out the video on day 4 you don’t wanna miss it!) Big congrats to Beau: you worked hard buddy!  Marty keep your head up, you fought hard and are a great all around player. Keep it up and you have a bright lacrosse future ahead of you. (Dont forget Marty won the ground ball challenge from day 1.)

Then the younger guys got to play in a mini lacrosse tournament which is yet to be finished so keep it here for the winners.

To end the day Coach Slate had a nice treat for the campers. Free LaxEvo tank tops which I gotta say are very stylish. Everyone threw them on and took a nice group picture. I’ll post the better picture once I get it from Coach Slate on the final days post but for now, here’s our campers rockin’ the new tanks.

LaxEvo tanks are styling!

Be sure to keep it here tommorow for the final installment of our coverage of the LaxEvo Ocean City camp! Also if you haven’t signed up for the LaxEvo Stone Harbor Camp you can still do so here!  Billy Bitter will be there so you dont wanna miss it!

And last but most certainly not least, here are some certified Game Growers!

so fresh, so clean!
Kevin, wanted to be on the site so here you go Kev!