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Can You Celly Too Hard? Hot Pot Answers

Everyone loves a good Celly, but can you Celly too hard? Seeing as these things are viral sensations, the question must be asked: where do you draw the line on celebrating goals and big plays?!?!?!

Can You Celly Too Hard?

There is the obvious risk of injuring yourself during a celebration. That certainly qualifies as a “Celly Too Hard” situation. Who could ever forget this Bill Gramatica classic?

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Bill Gramatica Celebration Fail”]

But injuring yourself aside, when does celebrating go too far?

Does this Army Lacrosse sideline Celly go too far? It certainly has become a pop sensation of its own!

That’s some serious celebrating. And air weight lifting.

I am not arguing that what Army did was wrong, but I will admit that it surprised me greatly to see that kind of stuff happening on the USMA sideline. The fact that it was a D1 lacrosse team was one thing, but the fact that it was a military academy caught me off guard even more. Usually these guys are pretty buttoned up on the sidelines, so again, while it’s not wrong, it was surprising to see.

Clearly Joe Alberici and his staff don’t have a problem with it, and I’m not going to blow it up into something it’s not, but it did get me thinking about the rise of the Celly, and how premeditated celebrations are becoming more and more common in youth and college sports.

So I guess my problem with the Celly isn’t so much that it exists, but that it exists so much. When you’re down 7-2, and you score a goal in the fourth quarter, it’s not time to celly. It’s still time to work. When you strip a guy who has six goals on you on the day, it’s not time to celly. Just be thankful he doesn’t have 7 and go back to work. The same goes for the first goals in a game, or any goal in a scrimmage or blow out, from either team.

And yet, I see big celebrations all the time after normal goals are scored. I get being excited, as everyone loves scoring, but what’s up with jumping up and and bumping hips after EVERY single goal? We get it, you can jump? After a while it just losses its impact, and just looks like show. And a great Celly NEVER looks like show!

My hope is that the great Celly will be reserved for times where it is needed. Last second scores, OT winners… that kind of stuff. That way it doesn’t lose its magic.

I’m all for a good celebration when the time is right, so listen up and don’t spoil it. Celebrate judiciously, and don’t Celly too hard. You’ll thank me when you score a great goal and whip out something special, and you’ll avoid any of this:

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Soccer Player Injured While Celebrating a goal !”]

You’ve been warned!