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Air Gait Amsterdam Lowlands lacrosse tourney
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Caption Contest

If you’ve been paying attention to our facebook page, you may have seen the below photo before.  And maybe you ever commented on it.  Well here’s your chance to win a free pair of shorts from LacrosseWear AND a Warrior Lacrosse Evolution 3 Head.  Yeah, that’s a really serious prize pack for just leaving a comment on an online post.  But we know your wit is well worth it.  So here we go!  LAS will pick the winner, but likes and reply comments will ONLY help your cause.  Comments away!

Photo courtesy Patrick Niddrie, a member of the New Orleans LC who went to play over at the Lowlands Tourney in the Netherlands, where this shot was captured.  Pretty pretty!

Air Gait Amsterdam Lowlands lacrosse tourney
There is just SO much going on here. Almost TOO easy.
Lacrossewear shorts lax
One of these shorties could be yours! and an Evo3!