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Caption Contest!

Red Matte Brine Clutch X
So MATTE. So Red. So Clutch X.

It’s Friday!  And that means another kick-butt, take-names Caption Contest!  First we’ll announce last week’s Winner, and then we’ll give YOU a chance to win a BRAND NEW, matte red Brine Clutch X…  AND a pair of Man-Bro Bro-Man Sunglasses!  What a great deal for a Friday!!!!!

Last week’s Caption Contest featuring the Brooklyn Brawl Lacrosse Tournament was just asking for great, original comments.  The winner was Will Curtis with this little ditty:

caption contest winner

Winner, winner!

Will Curtis – Email your address to [email protected] to claim your prize!

Now it’s your turn to win!

Drop your caption for this awesome photo of the Grand Final in Western Australia in the comments section below. Winner gets Man-Bro shades PLUS a sweet MATTE RED BRINE CLUTCH X!


Thanks to Jake Cutler for the great photo!

Red Matte Brine Clutch X

So MATTE. So Red. So Clutch X.

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