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Caption Contest powered by Pro Athletics
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Caption Contest: Woozles Shorts by Pro Athletics!

Caption Contest powered by Pro Athletics
Are you ready for this?

This week’s Caption Contest is just a little bit different, but the prize is definitely worth the extra effort! Below you can find the details on how to find the photo, how to enter, and how to win. But first, we need to fill you guys in on the prize a little bit more!!!

This week’s winner will receive an awesome pair of Lacrosse Shorts by Pro Athletics, a proud sponsor!  The shorts in question?  Why, they’re of the Woozle variety, of course!

The Prize…

Woozle, Woozle Rah Rah Rah!  The men in pink and black have rocked some pretty sweet duds the past couple of years, but last year’s shorts were the coup de grace in terms of ultimate power. These Darth Woozle Shorts are something extra special:woozles lacrosse shorts proathletics

How To Enter…

Here’s how to enter this week’s caption contest:

1) CLICK HERE to go to the photo on Pro Athletic’s Facebook page

2) Submit your caption as a COMMENT on the photo

3) LIKE Pro Athletics and on the ol’ book face

Follow those 3 steps and you’re entered to win some real deal Woozles team shorts! All that dropping the wittiest comment ever invented. Not a bad deal at all, eh?

woozles lacrosse shorts proathletics
This is the photo. LOOK CAREFULLY. Now find it on Pro Athletics' Facebook page and comment!


Special thanks to Pro Athletics for supporting!