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The Carpenter by Jon Gordon

The Carpenter: A Book By Jon Gordon

John Galloway and I are heading to Jacksonville to build greatness. That’s why I’m taking Jon Gordon’s book The Carpenter with me.

John and I are heading down to Jacksonville with one objective in mind: to build greatness. That’s why I’m going to take a page out of Jon Gordon’s book called The Carpenter.

Why The Carpenter?

John Galloway - The CarpenterJon is a best-selling author and keynote speaker from Cornell University (are you picking up the New York State of Mind?) and he’s been a great contributor to my personal development on and off the field.  The Carpenter discusses the difference between a carpenter and a craftsman.  To me, it relates to the difference between a Coach that truly cares and a Coach that punches the clock to collect a paycheck.

It is easy to be mediocre.  It is difficult to create a masterpiece.  The difference is caring.  The difference is Meraki.

meraki - The Carpenter

John and I are facing a big challenge at Jacksonville U.  We are going to apply what we’ve learned during our life in lacrosse to steward the Dolphins program.  We are going to face challenges and we are going to try new things.  We are going to win some and lose some but we are going to apply Meraki and we are going to have fun.

We are going to put our soul into it and we are going to leave a world class college lacrosse tradition behind.

Casey Powell - The CarpenterHere are some special quotes I am keeping in mind as I embark on my coaching journey.  I promise you are going to see a well-coordinated offense at Jacksonville U. Offense is kinda my thing.

“Nobody is a born natural. You work hard to get good, then work even harder to get better. Define Your Grind”

“Riding hard, finding a scoreable position on the field, understanding how to play a pass-and-cut, non-stop movement offense – that’s my style of play.  The more you move the less someone wants to cover you.”
Will Manny

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

“A team that has character doesn’t need stimulation.”
Tom Landry

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
Ayn Rand                       

“The Wright brothers flew right through the smoke screen of impossibility.”
Charles Franklin Kettering

If you would like to get up close and personal on the field – coaching lacrosse is also my thing. There will be Gamebreaker Lacrosse Camps in Fort Meyers, Florida July 18-21, Lawrenceville, New Jersey July 25-28, and Gainesville, Georgia July 11-14.

Shoot.  Score.  Celebrate.

– CP

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