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Cascade Lacrosse S helmet
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Cascade Lacrosse S Helmet – 2018 Gear Reviews

Cascade Lacrosse has long been the top manufacturer of lacrosse helmets, and with the new S model elite level helmet they show no signs of slowing down. Since the introduction of the original Cascade in the late 90s, the helmet game has been taking big strides forward, and this newest generation of S helmets from Cascade is an absolute top of the line product. The S helmet brings all of the best historic technology together in one place, and adds in some new tweaks and tech points that make it a step up from the R model, and the S takes the place as Cascade’s best helmet ever.

Read on for more info on the new S Helmet from Cascade Lacrosse, and check out the 2018 Gear Review link for more up to date, helpful product reviews for all the newest gear! I already went in depth on the new Powell Lacrosse products, and there are plenty more reviews to come!

Cascade LacrosseS Helmet ReviewCascade Lacrosse S helmet

Cascade Lacrosse has maintained a certain consistency to the appearance of their helmets since 2001 when the original CPro came out. They came up with a clean look almost 20 years ago, and since then, the visor has become fully integrated into the shell, the face masks have gotten cleaner, and the chin pieces have become pretty seamless. Customization options are at an all-time high for Cascade, and little details like the “tail” and “exhaust vents” make the helmets look even fancier. These little visual tweaks are always appreciated, and get the people talking, but the real magic is going on under the hood, and this is where the S lacrosse helmet takes things to a whole new level.Cascade Lacrosse S helmet

When it comes to fit, the SPR Fit system is back, and it’s as good as ever. Players can easily customize their helmets sizing, and the mechanism stays in place and can take plenty of abuse. The fit system doesn’t just pull the helmet back on the player’s head, but instead it tighten around the entire head while bringing the helmet back, and this ensures a good fit for most head sizes. I’m a big fan of the system for it’s toughness, ease of use, and ability to make this helmet comfortable and safe. There are also additional pads that can be inserted along the temples to further tighten up the helmet, and it makes the helmet an appropriate choice for older middle school players through full grown adults. The SPR Fit system also seems to extend a little further down the back of my head than the R helmet did, and I really like that. Even with a little proper tilt, the helmet still protects the back of my head. Perfect!Cascade Lacrosse S helmet

Another aspect of the fit for the S helmet is how the lid sits on your head. The Cascade team really nailed this one, because when you put the helmet on, it is most comfortable when it’s worn correctly. As anyone who has worn a number of different helmets can tell you, this is not always the case. With the S, when you put it on your eyes are naturally looking through the top gap in the face mask. It just works, and I’m a big fan of that.

The vent holes on the top of the helmet are similar to what we’ve seen in the past, but they are a little bigger, and their configuration has been changed up a little. This will likely give helmet sticker designers some interesting new options for adornment, but what really excited me is wearing this helmet on a hot summer day. It’s GOING to happen, so I love a helmet with good sized vent holes to keep me cool. I’ll take what I can get, and the venting system on the Cascade S is the real deal. It looks great, and it serves a purpose.Cascade Lacrosse S helmet

The “exhaust vents” on the back of the helmet look like a sports car’s muffler, which is cool, but I love the fact that they open directly to the inside of the helmet, allowing for a nice flow of hopefully cooler air. It’s a little detail, but it’s a good one.Cascade Lacrosse S helmet

Inside the shell, you’ll find all sorts of padding and Cascade technology. The front of the helmet, which sits above and in front of your forehead is padded up with a fourth generation EPP foam. It’s similar to what you find in bike helmets, and it’s designed for those sort of direct impacts to the front of the helmet and face mask. It’s beefy when you look at the inside of the helmet, and that’s a good thing. The top of the helmet has a different NV3 foam padding, which is molded into the shell. It’s designed to provide maximum protection for the top of the head. The sides and back portion are Seven Technology, which displaces impacts laterally.

While it is true that NO helmet can prevent concussions from happening, I still want to be fully protected from the many types of impacts that can occur in lacrosse, and the S helmet from Cascade Lacrosse seems to address each of these scenarios really well.Cascade Lacrosse S helmet

The face mask is nicely integrated into the helmet overall, and I love that Cascade now has a “flat” bar running under the gap where your eyes will look out. It’s another one of those details that truly takes this helmet to the next level. On a 100% aesthetic level, I also think the custom colors and flat, but BRIGHT, colors are awesome. The white mask on this helmet is simply perfect. Smooth, coated, matte, amazing.Cascade Lacrosse S helmet

Overall, the S helmet from Cascade Lacrosse is a triumph of lacrosse engineering. I always loved the CPX-R. It was my personal favorite, and I wasn’t sure if Cascade could ever design a helmet that I liked more, but wit the S they’ve done just that. It has all the bells and whistles, but those bells and whistles have been perfected. It takes all the best aspects of the Cascade line, throws them together seamlessly, and comes out smelling like roses.

I’m impressed!

At almost $300, the S helmet is definitely a pricey piece of equipment, but if you’re looking to spend big money in ANY place, I would think that head protection would be a pretty good place to start. I can use a discount pair of gloves. Old arm pads? No problem, I can add some new padding on to them. I can find a cheap shaft, and I can string a great pocket in almost any head with a good piece of mesh. But I can’t do anything to a helmet. I don’t know that game. Thankfully, Cascade Lacrosse does, and they delivered the S unto us. This is a really good helmet!

2018 Gear Review MethodologyWe did outreach to manufacturers asking them to send us any new (or relatively new) product they wanted reviewed for 2018. We made no promises on what we would say, and every brand is given an opportunity to participate. Our focus is on Heads, shafts, helmets, gloves, padding, and footwear. We will also a giant 2018 Mesh Review soon. No scores are given. We simply talk about the positives (and negatives) of any product. Our goal is to help you, the consumer, make informed decisions on equipment purchases. That’s it!