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Casey Powell Leaving St. Andrew’s In Florida

After nearly three years as the Director of Lacrosse at St. Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, Florida, Casey Powell is moving on. A story in the Palm Beach Post outlines the departure, and mentions that RJ Dawson will stay on as the boys’ coach at the private school.

The big question for me is, what does Casey do next?

At 37, Powell still seems to have a lot of life left in his pro career. His NLL play demonstrates his incredible toughness, stick skills, and high lacrosse IQ. Think he’s getting to be “too old” to play high level box? Well, he’s in great shape, and John Tavares is still at it, 42 years old and all. I could see Casey filling the role of a shooter and distributor for every team in the league save Buffalo, and maybe the Bandits would want him if Tavares ever decides to give it up.

His return to the MLL this Summer will be fueled by the fact that he will be in a constant all-time leading points producer race with Boston’s Ryan Boyle. If you were wondering why we didn’t do a “CP retires from the MLL” story last year, this was why. It’s like Jordan retiring. You don’t want to believe it, and at the end of the day, you probably shouldn’t. He’s coming back.

So there is the pro thing. That’s always nice. But guys need other jobs too. So what else is in store for Casey Powell?

Will he coach again, or direct a program?

Coaching full-time still seems like a near impossibility for Casey Powell. Between all the playing he does, and commitments to family, it doesn’t leave a ton of time to run a highly successful program as a HC. But could he pick up a new Director of Lacrosse position at some other private school, or with a travel team? No doubt there. I think the question has to be, is this what Powell wants right now?

Will he work for a lacrosse company again?

Powell is still an Easton Lacrosse guy, as far as we know, and we saw him using an Easton stick in training camp this year, so it looks like that hasn’t changed. Is it possible that we see Easton promoting Powell a whole lot more? You can’t rule it out! He is their marquee guy right now, and with his return to the MLL, I think he will continue to be a face we are familiar with.

If Casey evers leaves Easton, you can bet someone else will snatch him up. His name still carries some serious weight.

Will he start his own thing?

Ryan, Casey’s younger brother, is a serious businessman. He’s got Rhino Lacrosse up and running, and the venture is seriously competing with some of the established training companies out there. Could Casey develop his own platform for skill and player development? He certainly has some nice familial relationships to make that happen.

Or perhaps Casey will join the broadcasting ranks? I know there are tons of people out there who would love to see him give it a shot, and then we could have Ryan and Casey do games together! That could be a treat.

Will Powell disappear a bit?

Perhaps Casey is just going to play the game for a couple more years, and do something else entirely. It’s hard to image CP leaving lacrosse altogether,

So what WILL Casey do?

It’s hard to say! One thing is clear: Powell has plenty of options, and whatever he chooses to do, we’ll probably follow right along.