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Casey Powell World Lacrosse Stick It Campaign

The Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation has announced their new “Stick It” Campaign, and they are looking to use this new helmet sticker project to unite the lacrosse community around the idea of helping others in need, and then making it happen.

If you aren’t super familiar with the CPWLF, let me fill you in quickly – As his pro playing career was coming to an end, Casey Powell wasn’t sure what he was going to do. He got into collegiate coaching a little, did clinics all over the place, and spread his short-sided game (called Speed Lacrosse), but there was something missing for Casey and when he realized it was all about community, giving back, and the special place lacrosse holds in the sporting world as a truly caring sports entity. This is how the World Lacrosse Foundation was born in 2014, and from that point on, it’s been Casey’s main driver.

The mission of the foundation is to inspire, share, and support severely injured or sick lacrosse players, and their families, and so far Casey has made quite an impact. Whether it’s Casey Powell visiting and communicating with a player himself, or whether the foundation is setting the player in need up with one of the CPWLF pro ambassadors, it’s making a difference. These support moments bring a little light into a lot of very tough situations, and it’s usually not just a visit either… the support and communication tends to continue on after an in-person meeting, and that kind of caring always helps the afflicted during hard times, or for a family if a sick player passes away.

While Casey has been happy with what’s happened so far, he’s not content with the CPWLF’s reach, or their ability to help more people. In order to help raise awareness and raise funds, the CPWLF has come up with their new “Stick It” campaign, where they are hoping that teams will sign up to represent the cause by wearing helmet stickers for the season. The sticker program is priced so that the foundation receives a large portion of the purchase price, but at $100 per team, it’s not a big ask. I love this approach because it allows a lot of teams to get involved, and shows that even a small donation can make a big difference.

Currently teams like the Long Island Express (NY), the University School (FL), the Moorestown Lacrosse Club (NJ), John Jay Cross River Varsity Lacrosse (CT), North Strafford HS Lacrosse (VA), Trumbull HS (CT), Ravens Victoria (BC) and the Jr Adanacs (BC) have all signed on and supported the cause.

The CPWLF is also working with a couple college teams to get them on board, so keep your eyes peeled for some of that this season!

If you want your team to get involved, check out the CPWLF Stick It campaign, and help to do a little more good in the world.