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Catching Up With Robert J Pannell

This week I’ve been coaching at Maximum Lacrosse Camp in New York City with Max Seibald. It’s been a real privilege to be involved and coach alongside such an enthusiastic and knowledgable group of coaches. Today, we had a guest coach stop by to drop even more knowledge on the campers… Robert J Pannell.


What did you do this Summer?

I learned how to rifle a lacrosse ball into the corner of the net. Rob Pannell taught me.

No big deal.

When it comes to who was most excited by Pannell’s visit, it was is a tie between about six campers and one counselor. I swear it wasn’t me…! :) I got to shoot some balls with the 2-time Ivy League Player of the Year after camp, then I put a camera in his face and shot some questions at him. Check out the interview below.

Rob definitely looks like he has recovered. He looks strong and seems really pumped to be back out on the lacrosse field. All in all, this bodes very well for Cornell, assuming the paperwork goes through.

We have another video featuring #3 ripping rope dropping on Monday. It’s an impressive display of accuracy, consistency, and perfect form. Also, be on the lookout for Jonny Namer‘s upcoming Fireside Chat with Rob, which dives into Pannell’s game and how he achieved success!

For more from this week’s Maximum Lacrosse Camp, check out Max Seibald Hates Corners and Max Seibald’s Three Keys To Shooting On The Run.

[Photo credit: Tina_Chou on Flickr]