CHAMPION – Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest
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CHAMPION – Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest

Over two months ago we had dozens of young stick trick artists, male and female, submit their tricks to be in the running for Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest Champion!

The weeks went by and the bracket was narrowed down to just two of the best young tricksters on the planet. Voting for the finals lasted but only one week, but XX votes were counted from around the globe and we’re stoked to announce the overall CHAMPION!

Both of our contestants are New Yorkers, but with incredibly different backgrounds. Ms. Rebecca Kinsley is a 16 year old Stony Brook commit from Manhasset, Long Island and Mr. Gabriel Sgambettera is a 14 year old who can be found hanging out and working on the family goat farm in Saratoga Springs. What they have in common is their relentless passion for the game of lacrosse, unbelievable hand-eye coordination, creativity beyond their years and incredibly soft hands for stick tricks!

But finally, the tribe has spoken. Bringing in over 60% of the votes, our winner is…

[mks_icon icon=”fa-trophy” color=”#d52029″ type=”fa”]REBECCA KINSLEY[mks_icon icon=”fa-trophy” color=”#d52029″ type=”fa”]

Congratulations Rebecca, you are the 2015 Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest CHAMPION! You know what champion’s get? Awesome prizes!

Don’t worry, our runner-up Gabriel Sgambettera is getting hooked up a Ghost shaft and a smaller prize pack for all of his hard work and dedication over the past few months.

I hope you enjoyed the show! Thank you to everyone who competed, watched and voted in the 2015 Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest. Stick Trick Saturday will be back next week with a new lesson and the entire LEADERBOARD!

Note: An extra point was added to each contestant in the Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest each week they lasted. Everyone got a point for entering Week 1, then additional points for making the bracket and winning Head-2-Head battles! Ex: Rebecca earned 6 bonus points, Gabriel earned 5, Dom Guarino and Cam Shelley earned 4 and so on…