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Chasing Hercules: Malcolm Chase’s Lacrosse Training Circuit

You should know Malcolm Chase well by now, as this beast of a baller has been on before! He’s torn it up in Miami and Hawaii, throws wood in the LXM PRO and NALL, taught us some defensive exercises, how to throw the ice pick check, and how to throw the ding dong kayak check. He’s a 6’3″ 225 pound lax rat!

Malcolm Chase (left) playing for Team STX in Seattle.

And now this former DIII baller (Whittier) is back on LaxAllStars with a lacrosse training mini circuit that is sure to inspire, a fantastic Q&A session on all the pro lacrosse he’s been playing recently, and updates on his superb upcoming clinics!

Mini Circuit Training:

As Malcolm says, exercises should be performed under the supervision of a certified trainer!

Professional Lacrosse Q&A:

You were going to play for the New Jersey Rascals franchise in the PLL before they went dormant. Are you bummed to be missing out on a season of box lacrosse?

I was extremely bummed that the Rascals went dormant. We had a very solid core of players that had all played box together either in Boston, for the Rockhoppers last year, and/or with the Vermont Voyageurs. More than anything, I was disappointed for Coach Fraser who would have done an amazing job. The lacrosse world missed out on what would have been one of the most cohesive units in the game – no egos; just athletic guys who were eager to learn from our veterans and one of the most knowledgeable minds in the game leading us.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming NALL season? After last year, it looks like the league is getting stronger and more established. What are your thoughts now that we’re still a couple of months out?

A number of the Rascals were crossover players who were protected by the Rockhoppers, so we are all going to hit the floor eager to make some serious noise this season. Our ownership is committed to producing an entertaining brand of lacrosse, both being lacrosse enthusiasts, and flat out good guys. We have a carpet and an awesome facility in Marlborough. I just hope and pray that other teams are taking notes and are as committed to completing a full season.

It’s been a tough couple of years for box players at this level trying to gain experience. But right now, we have five teams and home schedules for three of them. A lot can be accomplished in a couple of months but it can’t be every team for itself – teams need to commit to helping each other in order for this thing to survive.

You’re also playing in the LXM Pro… busy man! We hear Mike Powell is coming back for SLC… thoughts on the chance to guard a player like that?

LXM PRO has been such an amazing experience already, playing with and against guys that I have admired over the past 5-7 years in the college game. Every athlete on the field is so unique and talented in their own right, but no one is above teaching clinics or taking the time to sign autographs post game. Kyle Harrison leads by example in this regard – a true professional on and off the lacrosse field.

The opportunity to match up with a player as dynamic as MP would be awesome! He draws a lot of attention away from some serious weapons on Team Sole so we can’t become overly focused on just one guy. Everyone on the field is dangerous so we will have to come up with a solid strategy to contain him without putting the blinders on. Scott Bollert did a nice job handling that role in OC so we may start that way and be ready to back him up. But, if Coach Dante decides to give me a shot, I’m always ready to step up to the challenge! Upcoming Clinics:

Sunday, Sept. 30th at SUNY Purchase, New York – For Top Side Lacrosse with CJ Costabile, Brett Moyer and Malcolm Chase –

Saturday October 20th at La Jolla High School, San Diego, CA with Malcolm Chase –

November Indoor Action Sports – Hampshire Dome, Milford, NH / December – Greenfield, MA
with Malcolm Chase and Ben Smith –

Boise State, Idaho – November – Dates TBA

I’ve seen Malcolm in action at LSM clinics before and can definitely vouch for their effectiveness and excellence. It’s a total long pole educational experience… from training to takeaways to handling the ball and scoring goals!