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Chicago Outlaws Take Down US Developmental Team

The Chicago Outlaws of the MILA took on the US Developmental Box Lacrosse team at the Sears Centre on August 4th in Chicago, IL. The game was a preseason scrimmage for the Outlaws and one of many scrimmages that the US Developmental Team will participate in this August.

The Outlaws were able to feed off the energy from the great crowd and take a 7-5 first quarter lead. Chicago then came out firing on all cylcinders in the second quarter and upped their margin by, taking a 10-7 lead into halftime.

The third quarter would prove to be the biggest test for the Outlaws as the team played man down for a majority of the frame, and they allowed Team USA to gain a slight lead ending the third quarter. The 4th quarter did not disappoint, as both teams came out firing, and going goal for goal for most of the quarter. With about two and a half minutes left, Team USA took a 14-12 lead and the game seemed to start slipping for the Chicago Outlaws.

With some huge defensive stops by starting goalie, #44 Ryan McDillon, the Outlaws were able to claw back and with about a minute and a half left, #8 Zac Dorn scored arguably the biggest goal of his career tying the game at 14 a piece. There were back and forth defensive stops and the Outlaws secured possession with 30 seconds left, the shot clock was turned off and the Outlaws made a break to the goal.

#26 Ryan Knautz, a left-handed forward, was left open from about 10 yards out with 12 seconds left in the game and stung the top right corner to give the Outlaws the go-ahead goal 15-14. Chicago was able to secure the next face-off and run out the clock to capitalize on what proves to be one of the biggest wins for this semi-professional team.

# 6 Kylor Berkman lead all Chicago Outlaws in scoring, while Matt Hickman lead all Team USA players in scoring. It was a back and forth, hard-fought game by bought teams and the Chicago Outlaws relied heavily on great goaltending by Ryan McDillon who made his first career start in net and a solid defensive performance.

The Exhibition Weekend was a great showing for fans in the Chicagoland area with a lot of younger players participating in the instructional clinic hosted by the Team USA head coach, Tom Ryan, a former Bowdoin, MLL and NLL star. This game really puts Chicago box lacrosse on the map for the upcoming years, and certainly helps to Grow The Game! Maybe we’ll stop in Chicago for the GTG tour?

“This game just puts into perspective all the hard work and dedication we have put in during the off season. This game was the definition of an all around team performance and was an unbelievable game to be a part of. It was great to see all the supporters of lacrosse in the stands and we were able to put on a great show for them.” – Mike Synek, Transition Player, Chicago


The Outlaws traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin this past weekend to kick off their MILA season against the Milwaukee Marauders. Thanks to Mike Synek for greatly contributing to this article, and good luck to the Outlaws as they try to take the MILA by storm in year 2!