Chip Bradsher, Uncommitted Lacrosse All Star
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Chip Bradsher, Uncommitted Lacrosse All Star

Running the varsity midfield since his freshman year, it’s a surprise that Chip Bradsher hasn’t made a commitment to a top-notch lacrosse program. The incoming senior from Gaithersburg, Maryland, made lacrosse his main focus and is filling a leadership role on his teams to help guide the youngsters. Keep an eye on this kid through his busy summer, he’s attending five showcases/tournaments in July alone.

To stay mentally and physically sharp, Chip competes on the varsity golf team and in crossfit workouts. He has developed a well-rounded game, able to play with both hands, dodge each alley, and create for his offense. His shot has some range on it, but he’s not just an offensive minded athlete. Chip will get his nose dirty for a ground ball and fight equally on each side of the field.

“I like to dodge to get close to the goal for a shot. I am high speed and confident moving down the alley to bring the ball down.”

– Chip

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Off the field, Chip is an active young man, in the community and in the classroom. Carrying a heavily loaded Honors schedule, he’s maintained a 3.7 GPA. He’s got over one hundred hours of community service under his belt and is nearing the Eagle Scout Rank with his Boy Scout Troop. Often enjoying excursions with his family, Chip tries to make life about more than lacrosse.

Chip Bradsher According To Coach:

“Good athlete who can dodge left or right. Prefers the right. Played varsity as a frosh. Good athlete. Will give you everything he’s got. Outstanding family.”

– Jeremy Mattoon