Mat Levine goalie Citylax founder
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Citylax Founder, Mat Levine, Steps Back In Goal!

It’s not every day that a living lacrosse legend, and Grower of the Game, steps back in net to take shots from the very same players he coaches!  Mat Levine is the founder of Citylax and he played his college ball at Williams back in the 1970s, where he was an All-American keeper.

Mat Levine goalie Citylax founder
Matty Ice back in net!

We didn’t have any goalies for the last couple days of camp so we used cones, shooting targets, and old, retired lacrosse players!  Mat was a field general out there and coaches as he plays.  He has a great time, makes sure the KIDS have a great time and never loses focus of what’s important:  Grow The Game!!!

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