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Kacy Small NYC Subway CityLax gala gloves
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CityLax Gala Gloves: Subway And Skyline Style!

CruzWorldCustoms has done it again, this time for the CityLax Gala! First they hit us with Galaxy gloves, then some elephant print for Joe Walters, then some American Beauties, and then some one off customs for yours truly that rocked the lacrosse gear world. Now we get to see Kacy Small’s take on Subways and Skylines, and man oh man, does he deliver!!!

Someone is going home with these gloves on March 5th… but you’ll have to get to the CityLax gala to be in the running!

CityLax Gala – Custom Gloves Auction

These gloves will be auctioned off at the annual CityLax Gala at the New York Athletic Club on March 5th in NYC. The funds from this auction, as well as a number of other fundraising items, will go to supporting NYC public school lacrosse, through the Public School Athletic League, or PSAL.

If YOU want to come by (Max Seibald, Rob Pannell, Paul Rabil, and many others will be there!), here is a link to buy Gala tickets for the annual CityLax event.

To check out more custom lacrosse gloves or to pick up a pair for yourself, follow CruzWorldCustoms on Instagram! He does amazing work, which is well worth seeing firsthand!

More on the CityLax Gala

Buy Tickets HERE: CityLax Gala Ticket Link on

Here is some video from last year’s Gala:

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”MarblePlayTV: Citylax Gala 2014″]

And here is a little more info on the CityLax mission:

CityLax, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the game of lacrosse in New York City in a public-private partnership with the Public School system and in partnerships and alliances with community-based organizations.

We are currently focused on introducing/expanding lacrosse into New York City schools and geographies that historically have had little or no access to the game and that are predominantly comprised of populations from lower income families.

CityLax is dedicated to establishing lacrosse as a mainstream sport in New York City through partnerships with the Public School system and community based organizations. CityLax uses lacrosse as a teaching mechanism for helping student/athletes see the value of taking charge of their education, living a healthier lifestyle, and developing life skills for successful college and career advancement.