CitySideLax vs The World
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CitySideLax vs The World: Lacrosse Pentathalon

It’s only been a few short weeks since Drew Snider and Chris O’Dougherty’s CitySideLax, a Seattle-based lacrosse education organization dedicated to growing the game through leagues, travel teams, camps and more, held their Offense vs Defense Positional Camp featuring guest coaches Adam Ghitelman, Scott Ratliff, Matt Kavanagh and a group of current/former NCAA athletes. (Full disclosure, I also serve as the Marketing Director for CSL and this was the using of my resources to make fun content for!) After camp one day, I pulled the group away from the field and into the box for a competition I deemed, CitySideLax vs The World!

With the hopes of a tie, I had an even number of challenges set up: No Angle Shooting, Popping Bottles, Skeet Shooting and Pipes.  I also had 6 insanely competitive lacrosse players available that wanted to put themselves to the test. This is what it looked like…



Team CitySideLax

Drew Snider – Maryland ’12 / Denver Outlaws / Team USA / O’Dea HS Head Coach

Chris O’Dougherty – Rutgers ’09 / Vancouver Stealth / Burnaby Lakers / Team USA / Eastlake HS Head Coach

Will Corrigan – Notre Dame ’15 / Woodinville HS Head Coach



The World

Scott Ratliff – Loyola ’13 / Atlanta Blaze / Georgia Swarm / LB3 Lacrosse President

Adam Ghitelman – Virginia ’11 / Atlanta Blaze / G3 Lacrosse President / USC Head Coach

Matt Kavanagh – Notre Dame ’16 / Denver Outlaws




No Angle Shooting

Matt vs Drew

  • 7 Yards Out
  • On Goal Line Extended
  • 5 Shots
  • Left-Handed

Popping Bottles

Adam vs OD

  • 6 Shots
  • 7 Yards Back
  • Rebound On Last Attempt Counts
  • Must Knock Bottle Completely Over



Skeet Shooting

Matt vs Drew

  • Hidden Basketball Toss Behind Wall
  • Toss On Pull
  • Must Hit Ball Directly
  • Unlimited Tries


Scott vs Will

  • Unlimited Tries
  • Must Hit Left, Top and Right Goal Pipes
  • Must Hit Pipe Directly
  • 10 Yards Back

Lucky for me, and I hope you too, the score ended in a tie after the first four events, forcing OVERTIME! Settling the score would be simple. After every CitySideLax camp, we play anywhere from 1 to 2 hours of 3x and the game would serve as the perfect way to end an epic afternoon of impromptu lacrosse challenges!

Not familiar with the glorious game of 3x?! Here’s how we played:


  • 3 on 3
  • Half Court
  • Take It Back Past The Line
  • Tennis Ball Only


  • Goalie Can’t Be On Knees
  • Goalie Can Use Hands To Catch/Grab/Pick Up Ball
  • First Team to 5 Goals
  • Must Win By 2 Goals


Now it’s your turn to get involved in this UNREAL game of CitySideLax vs The World! In the comments down below, let us know who was your overall MVP! Was it one of the winners, or does one of the homers get your vote? Let us know!