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Coaching Lacrosse in Japan

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Tom Garvey to LAS! As you can see in Tom’s bio at the bottom of the page, he knows the game well. Now, with the Performance Athletic Club, he’s taking his knowledge to other parts of the world. First up is multiple day stop in Tokyo, Japan! Tom will be back with more from his travels, as well as in-depth lacrosse analysis. For now, enjoy his first post on coaching in Japan…

Back in November of 2013, I was part of a group that started planning an Asia-Pacific tour to provide high-level lacrosse coaching in Tokyo, Japan and Melbourne, Australia through the Performance Athletic Club.



Peter LeSueur (another proud Garden City and Johns Hopkins alum) and I are currently on the first leg of the trip in Tokyo. We held our first three day camp with Seikei University earlier this week. Their skill level and intensity of training far exceeded our expectations. Numerous times we heard from players, “I want to be a great lacrosse player, what can I do to improve?

japan college lacrosse club

It’s a privilege to be here coaching Japanese lacrosse players and helping to promote the game internationally. We’re currently coaching Hosei University at Kawasaki Stadium in Kenegawa Prefecture (just south of Tokyo).



Hosei boasts 50 players, all eager to improve their game. Two things have struck me in particular so far: the courtesy of the Japanese players, and their desire to improve at lacrosse. It is also worth noting that most players here don’t pick up lacrosse until they start college.

I am pumped for the next few days of coaching in Japan, and I am equally excited for our next stop in Melbourne!

For more information on the Performance Athletic Club, please check out our website,, and our Facebook page, Thanks for reading!