college coaches care package
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PrimeTime’s creativity gets players seen

Our partners at PrimeTime Lacrosse in New England just surprised this westerner with something pretty special. They sent me the same care package they’re delivering to college coaches across the country. The creativity is impressive, to say the least.

The contents inside made my day, or should I say “movie night?” It included everything a coach needs to witness the future stars of college lacrosse:

In my mind, this care package has got to be the first of its kind. Plus I’m a huge fan of creativity. So, I reached out to Spencer Low at PrimeTime to find out why they undertook the project.

Our relationships with coaches are paramount to hundreds of aspiring young athletes being discovered and seen. We know families are feeling stressed about the college process and what that will look like with fewer coaches on the sidelines this summer and Fall.  It was important we find a way to honor our commitment to families and clubs to get their players seen, and we knew we would have to get creative to do that and stand out with so much recruiting film going online this summer. Additionally we didn’t want to lose the opportunity of catering to college coaches just because they couldn’t be onsite this summer due to public health restrictions and the extended dead period, so our team, especially our in house brand guru Ian, got creative and put together this care package instead.

Spencer Low, PrimeTime Lacrosse National Events Director

Typically PrimeTime Lacrosse Events will host 50, 100 or more college coaches onsite, according to Low, but this summer was different for obvious reasons. PrimeTime held its recruiting events in New Hampshire and, other than the players and coaches in attendance, only one parent or guardian was allowed on premises per student-athlete. These measures, along with ample hand sanitizer, thorough cleanings and temperature kiosks, helped prevent crowded venues and enable social distancing. All high school games were filmed and full games were made available to all college coaches across the country. 

College coaches love popcorn

Coincidentally, many members of the PrimeTime Lacrosse Events team are also college coaches themselves, so they know ‘a thing or two’ about the recruiting circuit as well. Like, for example, the community feeling and camaraderie that develops among coaches at top events. Each event is equally a chance to prove yourself as a recruiter as it is to share notes and soak up knowledge from coaching peers.

With that element out of the picture this summer, it was a smooth move of PrimeTime to send the popcorns and pints to them! A+ for creativity.

PrimeTime college coaches care package - creativity

  • DVD Case with Film Access Codes
  • PrimeTime Popcorn Box
  • Act II Popcorn
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • PrimeTime Pint Glass
  • “Blockbuster Card” redeemable for free swag at the next PrimeTime event attended

Game film matters

Putting game film directly in the hands of each coach presents the opportunity for these college coaches to pause, rewind, and ultimately see everything over time – not just one game on one field as if they were there in person. Now every participant at PrimeTime events has a chance to gain exposure. Talent, or who stands out to the coaches on film, will be the true test.

Delivering high-quality experiences

We work hard to make sure coaches look forward to recruiting at PrimeTime Lacrosse events, and wanted this summer to be no exception.

Spencer Low

I’ve been to many lacrosse recruiting events in my day. I’ve been to even more family-friendly lacrosse tournaments and festivals. The keys are creativity and execution, and like I’ve said before, PrimeTime clearly gets it. On the field and off it.

Are you a college coach who didn’t get his box?
Word is a few home addresses are needed! Drop Spencer a line at if you’re a men’s college lacrosse coach who hasn’t received it yet. Spencer can also provide the film login so you don’t have to wait for your box to arrive to start recruiting.