College Football Stick Trick Challenge
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STS Special: College Football Stick Trick Challenge

This weekend we’re excited to release a special edition of Stick Trick Saturday presented by Wolf AthleticsThe College Football National Championship Game takes place this Monday night between two universities for which members of our staff have quite the allegiance. We thought it’d be fun to show some team spirit and offer up a challenge to those of you in the lacrosse community who have penchant for stick tricks.

While LAS founder Jeff Brunelle is a University of Oregon alum and I was born and raised a diehard fan of The Ohio State University Buckeyes, we decided to put our differences aside and knock out a spirited Bucks vs. Ducks stick trick session with our Ghost shafts.

As you’ll see for yourself in the video below, it didn’t take long for things to get a bit out of hand. We invite you to watch and then join in on the fun by answering this week’s Stick Trick Challenge (more info below).

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College Football Stick Trick Challenge

Follow the simple to enter this week’s Stick Trick Challenge!

  1. Throw on apparel that properly reps your favorite college sports team
  2. Knock out your favorite stick trick(s) and capture the session on film (mobile phone footage works great)
  3. At the end of the clip, pick your winner: Oregon or Ohio State
  4. Post the clip as a Youtube Comment or email it to
  5. That’s it.

The deadline to enter is Monday, January 12th at kickoff of the College Football National Championship between the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Enjoy this week’s episode? Use the buttons below to tell your lacrosse-loving friends. Sharing your passion for stick tricks is a great way to help grow the game.