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Maryland lacrosse first day of practice

UPDATED: College Lacrosse Practices Are Starting Up!

Today marked the first official day of practice for a number of college teams from across the country and across the divisions!

All across the country college lacrosse practices are kicking off, and it’s only January 10th!  Not everyone is getting started this early (and the NESCAC doesn’t allow practice until Feb. 15th) but a couple of schools are, and it’s got us all sorts of excited.

UPDATE #2:  More from the Maryland Terps!  There were some photos below, and now there is a video from Day 1 which is set to rock and roll music inspired by the year 1996.  We kid, we kid, Terrapins!  Still awesome!

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UPDATE: The Army Black Knights stepped onto the field for the first time in 2012 with their opener just over a month away.  With Henderson (Sr LSM) and Thul (Jr A) back for 2012, the USMA looks good, even if they have some holes to fill.  It’s all business at West Point.

The University of Nebraska also kicked things off last night with a team meeting at 9:30pm and their first practice at 10:30pm.  That’s approaching midnight madness levels of dedication!

Colorado hasn’t started yet (we don’t think) but from the video below it’s pretty clear they’re ready to roll.

CLUB BALL //Teaser from Red Hot Buffs on Vimeo.

The Terps of Maryland take the field down in Baltimore for their first day and they’ll soon have new gloves to add to the festive atmosphere.  Remember when we said that the gloves were going to have additional padding, and UA, through LaxUNation, supposedly said that they wouldn’t?  Guess what… they do!  Aw, we love being right.  Right now they still have some of the old mittens on.  Maybe next week.

Maryland lacrosse first day of practice
The Terps hit the carpet.
Maryland Lacrosse first day of practice
The Defensive huddle.

Drexel starts the season off with warm winter weather and outdoor practices… even in Philly!  Not only that but they have preposterous reversibles.  Dragons looking good in 2012.

Drexel Lacrosse first day of practice
Drexel looking aggressive!

But the NCAA D1 guys weren’t the only ones hitting the field!  We don’t have photographic proof, but Facebook tells us Oregon hit the field as well with their first day of Spring lax.  Philly to Baltimore to Oregon… It’s lacrosse season!

Did your college team kick off practice today?  If you did and want that coveted shout out, you know what to do…

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