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College Lacrosse Video Explosion

Plenty of excellent action this weekend, and plenty of it is online already. We’ll be back later this week more with more visual excellence, but here is the good stuff… for now:

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan

NCAA D1 Video

Cornell Tops Virginia

Check out a bunch of great Game Photos, and a recap of this exciting game, HERE. And if you want to know how Loyola trounced Duke, check out our story HERE. Four BIG things were all Hounds.

Denver Vs Notre Dame – Full Game

Penn State Tops Notre Dame 8-7

Vermont Vs Richmond

Army Lacrosse Intro Video

Battle At The Big House!

If this doesn’t get you excited for the future of college lacrosse, you may have issues. Great video.

NCAA D3 Video

W&L – Gut Check

Randolph over Southern Virginia 18-4


Oregon Vs Simon Fraser – BHSVideoDad Style!

Liberty Lacrosse – A Day In The Life

Tommies Vye For 3-Peat

Northern Colorado – FLA Trip 2014