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Syracuse Vs. Duke Lacrosse - Big City Classic
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College Lacrosse Video Explosion

The regular season is done and that means the internet is flooded with 2012 highlight videos and conference tournament recaps.  It’s a great time be a college lacrosse on the internet right now!  You can’t look past Michigan’s “Legacy” video, as it’s top notch, but there is a lot more out there to see…

If your team puts up videos, highlights and more, we’ll probably talk about you.  If you don’t do any of that, well it’s your own darn fault.  Now on to the college lacrosse video explosion madness!

Denver’s playoff hopes do NOT rest only on Mark Matthews’ Canadian shoulders, but he will certainly have to bear a good amount of the weight.  If he does a lot of this stuff, Denver will be just fine.  The rap on the video is not “clean”, or that good.  You might want to mute it.  I wish I had.

Is this the real goal of the year?  The crowd goes from dejection to wowzers in about 2 seconds.  I’m still not sure what happened.

Who wants Arizona State – UCSB highlights from the SLC tournament?  We all do.  Great game!

In preparation for the NCAAs, you might want to watch some Cuse – ND highlights.  Syracuse faces a tough task in Duke and Notre Dame is on upset alert against Yale because of the personnel match ups.  The game was a bit slow, but the highlights are nothing but sweet.

VMI has not won more than three games since 2008 when they went 6-10 against a very weak schedule.  In 2012 the Keydets played a better schedule than they had in years, and still managed to win 4 games.  Amongst their losses, three were by two goals or less and VMI was within 4 goals of Top 10 Lehigh in a 6-2 loss.  To top it all off, this buttoned up military institute used a Con Bro Chill song to open their highlights.  VMI is looking up!

Limestone is headed to the NCAA D2 tournament and while I like their “intro” video, I’m not sure what purpose it serves.  Maybe they play it during home games on some big screen.  I’m not sure, but I like it, and Limestone is balling this year so we’ll take any film we can get.

Poor Drexel.  They were SO close this year, but so far away.  They made it to the CAA Championship, but lost to UMass.  They played a TON of good teams, and lost 5 games by 1 goal as well as a 2 goal regular season loss to UMass.  A thread literally separated Drexel from an incredible year, and nowhere was this more evident than their season opening 9-8 loss to Virginia.  The overall intensity in the video below gives you a good idea of just how close they were.

Ithaca was also a really close team.  They almost made some serious waves but ended up dropping the Empire 8 Championship to Stevens and missing out on the NCAAs.  Still a great year for the Bombers!

Lynchburg wins the ODAC, and they put up some celebration video.  I was wishing for highlights!  Congrats to Lynchburg and good luck in the NCAAs!

Speaking of celebration… Yale has good reason to be pumped!  Beating Princeton is grand, but doing so for the Ivy League Championship is ever better!  Bulldog cheer in the house.

And now we head off to the playoffs!  You know the college lacrosse video quality is going to stay high now!