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College Lax Rumor Mill!

Conn College goalie, Mark Moran (background), will be missed by the Camels
Goalie Mark Moran (background) will be missed by the CC Camels

We’ve got a pretty good one for you… especially if you like Division 3 NCAA Lax…specifically the NESCAC!

Superstar defenseman James Guay may be returning to Middlebury this season.  Although somewhat undersized, Guay throws wood, has a good stick and is a clear-cut leader on the field for the Panthers.  The kid flat out finds ways to get it done and get it done well.  If this is true, it will prove to be a HUGE benefit for Middlebury as long as #21 can keep his off the field issues at bay.  He’s been in and out of Middlebury once before this so let’s hope he has things straightened. Without him, Middlebury is good. With Guay, the sky is the limit.

In other NESCAC rumors/news (although a bit outdated and older), Mark Moran is out as Conn’s goalie.  I don’t know why and still haven’t heard the whole story so I refuse to blindly speculate.  One thing I can say is that Connecticut College will need to find a NASTY goalie ASAP to replace Moran.  CC fans have been maintaining that they have a worthy guy to step-in, but that remains to be proven until well after February 15th, when the NESCAC starts up again.