towson vs loyola
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College Lax Video Explosion: NCAA, MCLA + NCLL

Holy guacamole! The 2016 college lax season is bringing the heat this year! From the NCAA to NCLL, we’re over a month in and things are starting to get shaken up. Towson beat Loyola, Richmond beat Duke, Stevenson is 1-2, and Grand Canyon is 2-3; is the sky starting to fall?

Okay, it looks like there is some order to the galaxy. All of the NCAA champs are still reigning supreme, Denver is 5-0, Limestone is 7-0 and Tufts are 1-0. Any bets as to which team will be the first one to break the streak?

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get on to what you really came here for…

Your Guide to this Explosion:



NCAA Division I

NCAA Divsion II & III


MCLA Division I & II