CollegeLAX Opens Its Doors for Christmas!


The NEW CollegeLAX Store is now up and running for the holiday season.  Check out the info below and head to the store to get your gear.

DVD’s of the 2007 & 2008 MCLA National Championships are also available.  If you need some great lacrosse to watch over winter break, these would be great.  $14 a piece and well worth it

Just in time for the Holidays…. the new and improved CollegeLAX
store is finally open for business.  DVD’s from the four televised
games at the 2008 MCLA Championship Tournament are available for sale
as well as three brand new apparel items from CollegeLAX!  We also
have a limited number of DVD’s still available from the four TV Games
at the 2007 MCLA Championships.

D1 Final: Michigan vs. Chapman
D2 Final: Westminster vs. Grand Valley State
D1 Semi: Michigan vs. BYU
D1 Semi: Chapman vs. Arizona State

D1 Final: BYU vs. Oregon
D2 Final: Montana vs. St. John’s (MN)
D1 Semi: BYU vs. UCSB
D1 Semi: Oregon vs. Colorado State

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