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Comment Of The Week!

This week’s Lax All Stars Comment of the Week goes too…

Reader IntheD for his info-fueled reply to a comment on Connor Wilson’s Ice Box post featuring the University of Notre Dame’s new lacrosse cleats from Adidas. Who knew Michigan and ND lacrosse were so connected??

Lax All Stars Comment of the Week
IntheD is in the know.

(Editor’s note: Yo, IntheD! Hit us up at with your t-shirt size and mailing address. You just got yourself a free Grow The Game tee!)


This week’s HM goes out to Adam Edg for his fashion forward comment on Sweet Sweet Lax’s post, Navy’s Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Gloves.

Navy Nike Lacrosse Gloves
Navy gloves for navy. Who would've guessed it?
Lax All Stars Comment of the Week

Keep up the great conversations everyone!