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This Week’s Lax All Stars Comment of the Week goes to…

Reader saintslax for their comment in College Lacrosse Shorts.  It was a request for us to do things a bit differently when we talk about lower-ranked teams.  Fair comment, and thanks for keeping us in check!  You didn’t resort to name-calling and made your point passionately and honestly!

Comment of the week LAS lax lacrosse

(Editor’s note: Hey, saintslax! Hit us up at [email protected] with your t-shirt size and mailing address. You just got yourself a free Grow The Game tee!)



This week’s HM goes out to The Zohan for their comment on up and coming DII teams in the South in Connor Wilson’s Comprehensive College Lacrosse Midweek Capri Pant Stories.  Yes, that was seriously the name of the post.

(Editor’s Note: The Zohan, we have stickers with your name on ’em!  Follow the email instructions above!)

Keep up the great lacrosse conversations, everyone!  Well done!

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