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Comment Of The Week!

This Week’s Lax All Stars Comment of the Week goes to…

Bill for his comment in Ryan Powell’s Shot Clock Please post!  There were a TON of great comments to choose from but Bill’s was measured, intelligent and exactly what we’re looking for in a Comment of the Week.  Or he could have been really funny.  We’ll certainly take that too!  The shot clock debate has been going on for years but the conversation always evolves.  Well done, Bill!

Comment of the week Bill

(Editor’s note: Hey, Bill! Hit us up at with your t-shirt size and mailing address. You just got yourself a free Grow The Game tee!)



This week’s HM goes out to Turk for his comment on Jimmy Ciccone’s LAS Beach Lacrosse Team post.  Jimmy was (and still is!) looking for possible team names and uniforms recommendations.  Turk delivered.

He said chest hair. Ha.

(Editor’s note: Turk, we have stickers with your name on ‘em!  Follow the email instructions above!)

Keep up the great lacrosse conversations, everyone!  Well done!