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Comment Of The Week!

This week’s Lax All Stars Comment Of The Week comes from a conversation between Jamlando and Chazz Woodson himself in Muamer Razic’s recent Fireside Chat With Chazz Woodson: Respect The Game! We love that Chazz came back to the post to keep the conversation going and he was respectful, informative and engaging, while sticking to his guns and being real with a potential fan.  This is the kind of stuff Pro Sports needs!

Well done to the both of you!  I think we all learned a lot about FLA lax actually… and saw how people with different opinions can have a conversation without getting into verbal jabs!  Jamlando won a Grow The Game T-shirt and Chazz won his team Grow The Game Helmet Stickers!  Email us at with your mailing addresses!