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Comment Of The Week!

This week’s Lax All Stars Comment Of The Week comes from Reg_Hartner in Connor Wilson’s recent The Truth About Player Endorsments & The Pros.  Reg did his research, and added to the conversation by quoting the NLL’s rule on players wearing equipment not endorsed by the League.  Informative and interesting!  Keys to a good comment!

reg hartner comment

Our runner up was Bill with his comment in Vintage Lacrosse Equipment: One Last Shot.  Bill expressed an interest in buying cheap vintage lacrosse gear.  But he also wanted to stay married.  It’s a fine line, Bill!  Well done.  And now you can thank your wife for the 2nd place win!

Bill comment
The runner-up!

Reg_hartner won a Grow The Game T-shirt and Bill won his team Grow The Game Helmet Stickers!  Email us at with your mailing addresses!