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Comment Of The Week!

And the winner of this week’s Lax All Stars Comment of the Week is…

Emmett Faricy for his insightful use of an Archer quotation in the Venture Brothers post. Lacrosse camp is always a winner!

1.28-Comment of the Week

Editor’s note: Yo, Emmett! Hit us up at with your t-shirt size and mailing address. You just got yourself a free Grow The Game tee!


For today’s HM we’re going to pay homage to a conversation on Facebook about one of Sweet Sweet Lax‘s newest posts, Even More STX Lacrosse Gloves: Cornell, Maryland, UNC and Lindenwood. Not only is the comment somewhat buzzworthy, but the author speaks with sheer honesty. And we love that here!

1.28-Comment of the Week

Keep up the great comments everyone!