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Con Bro Chill Announces Boom Town Shred Stick… #LowPieOrDie!

Ever since he first entered the public eye, Con Bro Chill (Connor Martin) has been doing great things for our sport. From his wacky video shorts that drew plenty of attention to the game, to his rise and success as a professional athlete and personality in the MLL, to the catchy tunes from his four-man band that lacrosse players everywhere play on repeat. Con Bro’s work ethic and signature goofiness are unparalleled in the lacrosse world, and no matter where you run into him, he’s always doing the right thing. Today’s story is no different.

Introducing the Shred Stick and CBC’s 1-For-1 Program

Con Bro Chill recently announced the Boom Town Shred Stick, a part of his brand new 1-For-1 Program.  The Boom Town Shred Stick is a high quality 7075 aluminum shaft (attack/middie length only), weighing in at a feathery 5.8 oz, allowing you to shred every corner you face – top cheese, low pie, you name it, it’s done for.

Every time someone buys a Shred Stick from the Con Bro Chill Emporium, CBC donates a complete starter stick to an underprivileged laxer. That’s right! CBC is offering us all a chance to give back to the game that has given us so much.

Boom Town Shred Stick 1-For-1 ProgramCBC has picked out lacrosse-specific charities that support kids in underprivileged areas, and one-by-one, he will be providing each charity with enough starter sticks to outfit a whole lacrosse team.

The journey will start in Colorado with Denver City Lax. After Denver, the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership Organization is the next charity in line, followed by Lacrosse the Nations. CBC won’t stop until kids everywhere have a chance to play lacrosse and have their very own stick. Talk about Growing The Game! #ForTheKids

How can YOU help?

This is the EASY part! Order a Boom Town Shred Stick today. Your purchase will guarantee that a young laxer out there receives his first complete stick and, more importantly, the opportunity to enjoy the game that we all love so much.

Lacrosse All Stars is joining CBC to sweeten up the opportunity even more by offering a FREE CBC-EDITION GROW THE GAME T-SHIRT to the first 50 people who purchase a Boom Town Shred Stick.

Con Bro Chill Grow The Game Tee

Support the 1-For-1 Movement Today!

Boom Town Shred Stick