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Con Bro Chill Hits iTunes: Come To My Party

Con Bro Chill The Is Cool Album Cover_sm

If I weren’t writing this for a lacrosse site I’d preface it all with this headline:


Connor Martin, possibly better known worldwide as Con Bro Chill, is a senior attackman for Chapman University. He’s a Lake Oswego, Oregon native, an advertising major, and a film enthusiast. Oh, and no big deal, last May he was named the 2009 MCLA Player of the Year. The kid can ball.

Today, Con releases his first ever EP, 4 songs exclusively written and produced by the man himself. The title? This Is Cool. Along with the release comes the video below – the most creative and possibly ONLY music video a lacrosse player has ever produced.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Con Bro Chill – Come To My Party”]

Creative? Hot Clicks worthy? Hilarity? You tell us. We think so.

Now onto the album: This Is Cool – EP

Con Bro Chill track listing

A quick synopsis from the man himself:

I crammed 4 songs into one, it was made for the music video and all I’m saying is it would definitely be cool if you came to my party. This should help you have a good time and eat some taters.

Shweppes Town – I wrote this a year and a half ago because I love ginger ale. Just make sure you wobble them wrists when you bump this in your whip. Drink Schweppes

This heavy techno song is inspired by Gunther… The party dictator from Scandanavia tells you what he loves, and he loves SPRING BREAK!

Two German Techno enthusiasts (Steve and I) prank call NASA and start an epic Techno song through space! I couldn’t help but write this after studying abroad in Spain. They love this crap, but so do I. PARTY!

The Lax All Stars take:

We’ve done our fair share of coverage on Connor and the Chapman team, even releasing a behind the scenes video from the Chapman sidelines last week. A lot of that coverage has to do with him and his team’s willingness to share what makes them unique. Today is no different. What can we say? Con Bro Chill entertains.

Personally, there’s only a certain amount of “bro” I can take in the lacrosse world and Mr. Martin always meets my limits. I like it that way. It’s true, some people don’t. He gets his fair share of criticism, but most of that comes from people who just don’t understand the hilarity and enthusiasm behind Con’s work. And there is talent here.

He works hard, he plays hard. And the whole time it seems as though he has a lot of fun doing whatever he’s doing. The songs? They’re party songs and I think it’s important to keep that in mind when listening. All I can tell you is that at my college house parties we played some off-the-wall stuff and this woulda been write up our alley. The neighbors woulda loved it.

Nice party, Con. You get an A.

Con Bro Chill The Is Cool Album Cover

Wobble wobble, wobble wobble them wrists up and down.

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”Chapman Lacrosse at LXM PRO”]
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