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One Hand Lacrosse Magic

Editor’s Note: We’ve been conversing with Connor Martin about his new skills and drills fun time videos, and we’re loving what we’ve seen so far. Connor combines his great attitude with useful tips, and we’re helping him share his mojo by asking CBC to go a little deeper. This week we’re talking about one-handed magic and how it translates to on the field success.

We want to know where Mr. Martin first ran into one handed practice drills, and how he uses it now so that he can continue to improve. Take it away Connor!

I remember when I was trying to learn a shot coming around the crease back in college. I could do it righty but couldn’t even get close lefty. It totally exposed the fact that I had no snap with my left, as well as a weak and uncoordinated left wrist.

That day I realized how fundamentally worse my left was than my right. I’ve always been a guy who takes pride in having the ability to play with both hands and when I couldn’t do some of the advanced stuff I was learning right handed the same in my left, I knew it was time to change something. A coach of mine, Matt Goto, introduced me to hitting the wall with one hand and how much it develops your opposite hand because it takes away your strong hand and forces you to control your stick with your weak hand.

I’m still obsessed with doing this and am still far off my right. Now, whenever I’m having a bad day with my left, or not feeling fluid with my stick I make sure and play one handed for a bit to dial myself back in. Rarely do I make one handed plays in a game, but since I have practiced it so much, one handed passes and shots sometimes randomly show up and I surprise myself. Heck, look at Junior’s goal the other night. ONE HANDED GENIUS! Obviously that goal was insane and not a shot every kid should be taking, but the guy can play one handed with both hands very well and it’s helped him develop his over all skill with two hands on his stick.

I think one handed stick work is THE way to develop your off hand. Expose it by playing one handed and fight through the awkwardness until it starts to feel a bit more natural. Snap that wrist and play like you do with your strong hand!

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