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Connor Versus: Steve DeNapoli – Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of Connor Versus, where CW takes on professional lacrosse players in a best-of-three lacrosse (usually) competition! In Episode 1, Connor took on Max Seibald, and now he’s backing taking on another New York Lizard, in Steve DeNapoli!

If you watch the video below, you’ll learn that Steve and Max don’t only share the Lizards connection, but they also share another connection, which goes way back to the days where they both wore purple and white, and lived the Strong Island life.

Connor Versus: Steve DeNapoli

These pros are serious business, and they are NOT easy to beat in anything! I kept it close with Max, for the most part, but Steve really took it to me, and made quick work of yours truly. It only took two events, and Steve DeNapoli guy plays defensive midfield in Major League Lacrosse. He handled the behind the back challenge no problem!

The Connor Versus video series will continue all Summer long, and maybe even beyond that. You can be sure to see some great competitions against some HUGE names during and after the World Games, so stay tuned, and subscribe to the LaxAllStars YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the updated shows, plus a lot more awesome lax video.

If you could see me take on (and probably get smoked by) any pro in the game right now, who would you want to see? It’s a pretty wide open question, so give it some thought. Also, what events/contests/competitions should we try? If we use your suggestions, we’ll be sure to give you a shootout for the idea! Then you’ll be internet famous, and who doesn’t want that?

A HUGE thanks to Steve DeNapoli for coming out, putting his pro lacrosse reputation on the line, and thumping me soundly. Not. even. close. The DeNapoli dominance rolls on…