Connor Wilson Dye Job Lacrosse
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Connor Wilson Must Dye: 6 Color Gait Torque

Professional dye jobs are great, but they’re too clean for my tastes.  Imperfections make a dye job interesting.  Pro dye jobs have little grit to them, and often times, kids won’t even use them in a practice or game because they don’t want to ruin their stick.  Seriously.  And it’s fine to have a pretty boy wand to carry around if that’s your perogative.  But you need a gamer, and it should be equally snazzy.  Why not?

The story behind my most recent dye is simple.  I have an older Gait Torque, but after a number of years, it has finally bent out of shape, and no matter how hard I try, I can not fix it.  The plastic has just worn out.  It happens.

So I went on Twitter, asked if anyone had a Torque they wanted to get rid of and Patrick McMillan, from the lax crazy McMillan clan up in Canada, answered the call.  I sent him some traditional string supplies and he sent me a Torque he had used last season.  Good deal for both of us!

I cleaned the Torque up with soap and water and started getting jiggy with it.  I have no idea what Patrick did with the string supplies.  My guess is that he strung a lacrosse stick, but that’s just wild conjecture on my part.

Lots of colors on this head now: white, yellow, orange, pink, brown and purple, as well as shades of in-between.  Thin lines, some shapes, random letters and confetti and this head was good to go.  Next up is throwing traditional in it (maybe pink!) and then hitting the wall.  Can’t wait.

Connor Wilson Dye Job Lacrosse
From the front.
Connor Wilson Dye Job Lacrosse
The backside...
Connor Wilson Dye Job Lacrosse
More front.
Connor Wilson Dye Job Lacrosse
The purple came out really strong.
Connor Wilson Dye Job LacrosseConnor Wilson Dye Job Lacrosse
Custom is all in the details!