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Connor Wilson Must Dye: Loyola Marymount

This summer I dyed up some heads for Mark and Rob Fortunato of the Italian National Team.  When Rob came over to the office to pick them up, he brought along a buddy named Marc Napp who asked me to do something for his college team, Loyola Marymount.  I had a lot on my plate this summer and didn’t get around to it right away but I wanted to make sure he got his wand back in time for fall ball so I dedicated a couple of hours this week to his stick.

Marc asked me to do a checkerboard pattern and although it isn’t my first choice for a dye job (maybe because I’ve done a couple of them now and have realized how much work they can be), I said sure as long as I could try some other stuff out as well.  Marc obliged and now he’s going to be able to rock one of the sweeter checkerboard dye jobs in the MCLA.

Marc gave me a Nike 2010 Legacy head that had unfortunately been used and hadn’t been washed.  The first step was to scrub it down a bit with soap and a brillo pad to get off sticky gunk and dirt that interferes with both tape and dye effectiveness.  The next step was putting down the checkerboard pattern on the inside of the head.  I take a piece of tape about 6 inches long and press it down across the top of the throat and then cut lines in the tape with an XActo knife to make squares.  I take out every other square and move them down a row.  Then below the second row (which was formed by using the 1st row’s removed every other square) I put down another long piece of tape and repeat.

Ok, the tape is on. Now it's time to get colorful.

This methodology results in straighter lines and better squares than trying to cut a million little squares and place them perfectly in a checkerboard pattern.  The XActo does leave VERY thin marks in the plastic but they are virtually unnoticeable and once dyed, almost dissappear completely.  To finish it off, I surrounded the checkerboard on both sides of the head’s face with a thin line of tape that will provide pinstriping to separate the checkerboard from the fade dye on the outside of the head.

Pinker than intended but still pretty sweet.

I hope Marc likes the dye job and that LMU rips it up this year.  Sure, the maroon section near the throat came out pretty pink but any lax bro worth his weight in salt will use a pink stick.  It’s called confidence.  Plus the ladies love it.

Look at the scoop. That's why I like dyeing new heads. No scratched up dirty areas to mess with.