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CONTEST: Help CVLC Pick A New Uniform

The Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Club has chosen their new game shorts and shooters for the upcoming 2011 season. The only thing left up for debate is the jersey.  First we’ll show you the shorts and shooter.  Then we’ll show you the two jersey choices.

CVLC has even offered up a pair of their custom shorts (which are sick) to one of our commenters!!  For your chance to win the shorts, all you have to do is:

1) Like this page:

Click 'Like' at the bottom of the page, homies!

2) Cast your vote in the comments section below, and…

3) Along with your vote, tell us WHY:

Your comment will have to be better than that to win the shorts though!

It’s pretty simple!  We’ll pick a winner based on the overall awesomeness and reasoning of their comment. Take your time, do it right and win sweet shorts. What a Friday!  We’ll announce the winner on Monday in Jeff Brunelle’s HOT POT!

Here are the shooters and shorts:

Those shorts are unreal!!!

The side braid on the shorts is very reminiscent of the Nike Syracuse shorts from the early 2000’s.  Those were simpler, but the thin braid lines were great.  So good, we got them on our Wesleyan shorts one year!  In CVLC’s version, I love how the stripes go along outside the logo.  That’s attention to detail!

And now for the Jerseys…


CVLC uniform jersey Lacrosse Unlimited.


CVLC jersey uniform lacrosse unlimited
Stripes and Stripes. Option Numero Dos.