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Team Idaho, circa 2003
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REMINDER: Show LAS Your Old School Boathouse Jacket!


Don’t forget to submit your Boathouse Jacket on our Facebook page by this Thursday, April 21st! Check out the announcement post below for all the details!

BoathouseLogoNavyRedBoathouseLogoNavyRed and Boathouse Sports have teamed up to bring a new contest to the LAS Faithful!

THE CONTEST: Show LAS Your Old School Boathouse Jacket

If you show us your old school boathouse lacrosse jacket, you can now win a brand new custom Boathouse Pursuit Soft Shell Jacket – made to YOUR specifications! All you have to do is dig out your old Boathouse jacket, take a photo, and post it to the LAS Facebook Page. You’ll need to be fans of both LAS and Boathouse Sports to win!

Win a 100% custom Pursuit Jacket? Yeah, we're serious!

Get all your old teammates and friends to like the photo and you’ll be good to go. The person with the most likes by April 21st (you have three weeks to accumulate Likes! So get on it now!) will win the brand new custom jacket, and both LAS and Boathouse can help you get there by commenting on your photo for an extra 20 Likes.

Here’s the lowdown on what the Winner gets from Boathouse:

The jacket will have the Boathouse Sports logo embroidered on the wearer’s right chest (as seen in the photo above), and Boathouse will offer a custom logo of the winner’s choice, on the left chest. The winner will also have the ability to put their name on the jacket and a tackle twill number on the left sleeve.

The winner will be able to pick from Boathouse’s 15 colors of soft shell for the main body color and the side panel accent color, as well as select the zipper color, and also select the stripe trim color combo.

Pretty simple, and you get the chance to create a completely custom jacket. You’ll be a one of a kind lacrosse God!

But wait, there’s more!

Our second and third place winners will receive also receive prizes: LaxAllStars Grow The Game T-shirts!

Now get your old school pride in order, let’s sit back, relax and let that giant sense of nostalgia fill the room. BOATHOUSE!


To jumpstart things, here are a couple photos of Brunelle’s old jackets. If it was made before 2010, it’s considered old school in our book!

Bishop Kelly Boathouse Lacrosse Jacket
Bishop Kelly High, circa 2001
Team Idaho Boathouse Lacrosse Jacket
Team Idaho, circa 2003
Team Idaho Lacrosse Boathouse Jacket
Team Idaho, circa 2003